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November - December 2015 Edn.

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  1. Who is a cardiologist: Usurpers spawn?
  2. An Indian-look right into restrictive cardiomyopathies
  3. Endovascular approach to iliac artery stenosis and restenosis
  4. Time to revisit super-speciality training programs in cardiology in India
  5. Right ventricular thickness as predictor of global myocardial performance in systemic sclerosis: A Doppler tissue imaging study
  6. Predicting outcomes in acute coronary syndrome using biochemical markers
  7. Heart-type fatty acid-binding protein (H-FABP) as an early diagnostic biomarker in patients with acute chest pain
  8. Abernethy malformation with Inferior Vena Cava stenosis: A cryptic cause of cyanosis
  9. An inexpensive, simple technique to improve the safety of femoral arterial puncture
  10. Evaluation of cardiac signals using discrete wavelet transform with MATLAB graphical user interface
  11. Diagnosis of coronary microvascular dysfunction – Present status
  12. Contralateral approach to iliac artery recanalization with kissing nitinol stents present in the aortic bifurcation
  13. Parachute deformity of both atrioventricular valves with congenitally corrected transposition in an adult
  14. Cardiac amyloidosis presenting as recurrent acute coronary syndrome with unobstructed coronary arteries: Case report
  15. Against all odds: Targeted pacing site for resynchronization therapy by venoplasty and active fixation lead
  16. Thrombotic cardiac apex hydatid cyst
  17. Postinfarct VSD management using 3D computer printing assisted percutaneous closure
  18. Coronary involvement in Churg-Strauss syndrome
  19. Percutaneous management of coronary embolism with prosthetic heart valve thrombosis after Bentall's procedure
  20. Twiddler's syndrome in a patient with CRT-D device – A case report
  21. RVOT mural and mitral valve endocarditis: A case report
  22. Valve in valve implantation to prevent acute prosthetic valve migration in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)
  23. Anomalous left internal mammary artery off the thyrocervical trunk and off the third segment of subclavian artery
  24. Asymptomatic chronic type A aortic dissection
  25. Anomalous right coronary artery originating from the mid left anterior descending artery
  26. Standing tall after DeBakey Type I aortic dissection extending to left iliac artery
  27. Woven right coronary artery: A rare coronary anomaly
  28. Reporting of adverse drug reactions due to cardiovascular drugs in India: A national duty
  29. Are western guidelines good enough for Indians? My name is Borat
  30. Trans-radial interventions – From 'Bandwagon' to 'Movement': Where we were; where we are and where do we go from here. . .
  31. Instructions to authors