CSI Executive Members

Vice President

Vice President Email Id Mobileno
Dr. B.P.Singh [email protected] 9431017889
Dr. Dhiman Kahali [email protected] 9830048563
Dr. Sanjay Tyagi [email protected] 97185 99101
Dr. S. Shanmugasundaram [email protected] 9840077173
Joint Secretary – CSI Email Id Mobileno
Dr.Dipankar GhoshDastidar [email protected] 9831121347
Assistant Secretary – CSI Email Id Mobileno
Dr.Biswajit Majumder [email protected] 9830295168

EC Members

EC Members Name Email Id Mobileno
Dr. Arvind Kumar [email protected] 9304006362
Dr. Ashok Goyal [email protected] 9314502380
Dr. Chandra Bhan Meena [email protected] 9414250934
Dr.Dipak Sarma [email protected] 9435052484
Dr.Gurpreet Singh Wander [email protected] 9815545316
Dr. Harsh Wardhan [email protected] 9958113366
Dr.Jabir.A [email protected] 9447011773
Dr.Narendra Nath Khanna [email protected] 9810494072
Dr. Nitish Naik [email protected] 9810416170
Dr.(Maj Gen) Pradeep K Hasija [email protected] 8554929299
Dr.Prafulla G. Kerkar [email protected] 9820144111
Dr. Prakash Kumar Hazra [email protected] 9830032958
Dr. Rabindra Nath Chakraborty [email protected] 98312 54504
Dr. Saumitra Ray [email protected] 9830022317
Dr. Sharad Chandra [email protected] 9616279212
Dr. V K Katyal [email protected] 99912 58540
Dr. Varun Shanker Narain [email protected] 9415022680
Dr. Vijay Kumar Garg [email protected] 9425093123
Dr. Vitull K. Gupta [email protected] 9417020903

CSI Executive Members

President- CSI Email Id Mobileno
Dr. P.P. Mohanan [email protected] 9846076006
President-Elect - CSI Email Id Mobileno
Dr. P.S. Banerjee [email protected] 9836128378
Immediate Past President - CSI Email Id Mobileno
Dr. Mrinal Kanti Das [email protected] 9830034263
Interim Treasurer – CSI Email Id Mobileno
Dr. D P Sinha [email protected] 9433018443
Editor – IHJ- CSI Email Id Mobileno
Dr. Rakesh Yadav [email protected] (0)986802688
Associate Editor – IHJ-CSI Email Id Mobileno
Dr. P B Jayagopal [email protected] 9847023777
Interim Hony. General Secretary-CSI Email Id Mobileno
Dr. Debabrata Roy [email protected] 9830341087

Editorial Secretariat
Manish Babbar
Analyst, Secretary and Copy Editor
Room No. 22, 7th Floor, Dept. of Cardiology,
C T Center, All India Institute of Medical Sciences,
Ansari Nagar, New Delhi, India - 110029


Indian Heart Journal (IHJ) is the official online open access and paid print journal of Cardiological Society of India and accepts articles for publication from across the globe.

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