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Indian Heart Journal (IHJ) is the official open access journal of Cardiological Society of India and accepts articles for publication from across the globe.

Indian Heart Journal chartered and incorporated as a teaching institution, has its present editorial headquarters in New Delhi, India.

The journal aims to promote high quality research and serves as a platform for dissemination of scientific information in cardiology with particular focus on South Asia. The journal aims to publish cutting edge research in the field of clinical as well as non-clinical cardiology – including cardiovascular medicine and surgery.

The Indian Heart Journal is the most widely read cardiology journal in India reaching more than 27,000 hospital specialists and primary care physicians every two months.

It provides Exclusive original coverage of the fast developing field of cardiology which is being written from the Indian viewpoint, providing extensive opportunities for special projects including supplements, symposia reports and practical guidelines.

The Journal includes reviews and discussions of current developments in cardiology and other relevant specialties to cardiologists and general practitioners with an interest in this field.

Original contributions to the Journal are yielded by cardiologists and general practitioners, predominantly from the India, augmented by interested authorities from other countries, and are subject to the peer-review. The journal’s editorial emphasis is on therapeutic strategies, practical techniques and reviews of new drugs and indications. It contains case reports as well as news and views in all areas of cardiovascular medicines and heart diseases.

Goals and Strategy

  • Maintain position as the recognized leader to emphasize, synthesize, summarize and disseminate bcardiovascularscience,knowledge and best practices.

  • Accelerate the application of cardiovascular science,knowledge,and measurement into practice.

  • Increase value to members through programs and services that most effectively meet their needs.

  • Improve overall financial and operational performance.


  • The mission of the Indian Heart Journal is to advocate for quality cardiovascular care through education,research promotion, development and application of standards and to influence care policy.

Core Values

  • Professionalism: The interests of patients are primary.

  • Knowledge: The journal must promote growth,dissemination and application of knowledge about cardiovascular medicine.

  • Integrity: Honesty, compliance with legal requirements,and ethical behavior are essential in all activities.

  • Member driven:The journal and its major activities must be led by active members and must promote volunteerism.

  • Inclusiveness:The journal involves a broad range of volunteers that reflects the composition of its membership.

Code of Ethics

  • Relationship with Patients

  • Relationship with Other Professionals

  • Relationship with Indian Heart Journal

  • Relationship to the Community and to Government

  • Continuing Medical Education Responsibilities

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Indian Heart Journal (IHJ) is the official online open access and paid print journal of Cardiological Society of India and accepts articles for publication from across the globe.

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