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September - October 2012 Edn.

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  1. Population-Based verses high-risk strategies for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in low-and middle-income countries.
  2. Safety and efficacy of Bivalirudin with Glycoprotein iib/iiia for high-risk percutaneous cornary intervention.
  3. Bivalirudin: The relevance in today's interventional practise-pankaj jariwala,K.sarat Chandra.
  4. The 'all-comer' Coroflex please drug-eluting stent registry in Europe and Asia - An overall and transcontinental assessment of the 10-month major adverse cardiac events - Matthias Leschke,Vo Thanh Nhan,Matthias Waliszewski,Vicente Palacios,Ivan Horvath,Vladimir A. Ivanov,Damras Tresukosol,Panicos Avraamides,Andre Schneider,Martin Unverdorben.
  5. Effect of percutaneous mitral balloon valvuloplasty on left atrial appendage function:Transesophageal echo study - V.Ganeswara Reddy,D.Rajasekar Reddy,V.Vanajakshmma.
  6. Echocardiography for left atrial appendage structure function-manish Bansal,Ravi R.Kasliwal.
  7. Atrial fibrillation in a tertiary care institute - A prospective study- Rajeev Bhardwaj.
  8. Is cardiac biomarkers and left ventricular function affected by chronic kidney disease?-Amir Farhang Zand parsa,Alireza Abdolahi,Mitra Mahdavimazdeh.
  9. Risk factors for contrast induced nephropathy;A study among italian patients - Salvatore Evola,Monica lunetta,Francesca Macaione,Giuseppe Fonte,Gaspare Milana,Egle Corrado,Francesca Bonura,Giuseppina Novo,Enrico Hoffmann,Salvatore Novo.
  10. cardiac tumours in infancy - O.P.Yadava.
  11. Ticagrelor:molecular discovery to clinical evidence Ticagrelor:A novel antiplatelet agent - Nakul Sinha.
  12. Role of omega-3 Ethyl ester concentrate in reducing sudden cardiac death following myocardial infarction and in management of hypertriglyceridemia:An Indian consensus statement - J.j.Dalal,R.R.Kasliwal,A.L.Dutta,j.P.S.Sawhney,S.S.Iyengar,S.Dani,N.Desai,I.Sathyamurthy,D.Rao,A.Menon,A.Dasbiswas,G.S.Wander,M.Chadha,M.S.Hiremath,D.G.Roy,v.Gupta,N.Shivakadaksham.
  13. cardiac Rhabdomyoma with LVOT obstruction and anorectal malformation in a neonate:A rare association - S.K.Kaushik,Kapil Bhargava,Akhil Kaushik.
  14. An Uncommon presentation of rare disease -High-Degree AV block with takotsubo cardiomyopathy - R.Shanmugasundaram,K.Tamilarasu,G.Rajendiran,A.MUrali.
  15. Symptomatic complete heart block leading to a diagnosis of Kearns-Sayre syndrome - Ankit puri,Akshyaya Prardhan,Gaurav Chaudhary,Vikas Singh,Rishi Sethi,Varun S.Narain.
  16. Longitudinal deformation - price we pay for better deliverability of coronary sent plotform s - Ezhilan Janakiraman ,Vijayakumar Subban ,Suma M.Victor,Ajit S.Mullasari.
  17. Transcather closure of a residual aortopulmonary window through internal jugular vein access - R.Prem Sekar,P.R.Bhima Shankar,Kotturathu Mamman Cherian.
  18. Tracking the path traversed by temporary pacing lead - Aditya Kapoor,Nagaraja Moorthy,Roopali Khanna,Sudeep kumar.
  19. Two pacing spikes on the QRS complex in a single-chamber pacemaker - Dinesh Chaudary,Shunmuga Sundaram,Anees Thajudeen,Narayanan Namboodiri.
  20. ST-Segment elevation after abdominal aortic aneurysm repair - Hatim Al Lawati,Sheldon M.Singh.
  21. Assessment of left ventricular systolic function by vector Velocity imaging .