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Sep - Oct 1999 Edn.

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  1. Facilitation of Thrombolysis in Acute Myocardial Infarction - DS Gambhir.
  2. Lipid Lowering Startegies-Jonathan Morrell.
  3. supporting a falling Heart:A Review-sachin Talwar,Pradeep Kumar,Anil bhan,Rajesh Sharma,balram Airan,Panangipalli Venugopal.
  4. Fibrinogen and Homocysteine Levels In Coronary Artery disease-Smitha Gheye,AV Lakshmi,TP Krishna,Kamala krishnaswamy.
  5. Clinical and Angiographic Profile and Follow-up of MyocardiaL Bridges:A study of 21 Cases-S Harikrishnan,KR Shyam Sundher,Jaganmohan harakan,T Titus,Anil Bhat,S Sivasankaram,Franmcis Bimal.
  6. Post-Infaraction Ischaemic Mitral regurgitation:What Determines the Outcome-SK Choudary,A Bhan,R Sharma,S Talwar,B Airan,AS Kumar,A Chopra,P Venugopal.
  7. Immune Response in Acute Coronary Syndromes-V JAn,S Jalal,K Aslam,K Iqbal,N Tramboo,MS Alai,H Rather,N Lone.
  8. captopril for Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy in Diabetic Patients:A Randomised Study-Rishi K Guptha,Aditya Kapoor,Satyaendra Tewari,Nakul Sinha,RK Sharma
  9. Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Non-Specific Aortoartertis-Sukumar Ghosh,DP Sinha,Shibendu Ghosh,D Mitra,AK Kar,M Panja.
  10. Imporatance of Venting the Left Ventricle in Aortic Valve Surgery-Deepak K tempe,SK Khanna,Amit Banerjee.
  11. Surgicial Repair of Pulmonary Artery Aneurysm Following Infective mEndocarditis in a Patient with persostent Ductus Arteriosus-Prasad P Shah,Sandeep Singh,Vijay Trehan,Subir Dubey,JC Mohan,UA Kul,R Arora.
  12. De Novo Coronary Artery stenting in Dextrocaria With Acute Coronary Syndrome-HK Bali,M Bhargava,AK Jain,R Manoj,YK Bhatta
  13. Submitral Pseudoaneurysm and Anticardioplin Antibodies-Vijay Bharat,Pc Rath.
  14. Allograft Vasculopathy in Cardiac Transplant Receipents:AN Early experience-Shailendra rivedi,AS Mullasari,Sarasa B Arumugam,KM cherian.
  15. Stenting of Left COmmon Femoral Artery Using the Vascucoil Stent-Ali Faizal,George Joseph,Pramod K Jaiswal
  16. Traumatic rupture of he Mitral Value Apparatus-Pradeep Vaideesqar,Ammu Sivaraman,Jaya DR desphande,Walter F Vaz.
  17. Exceptional Survival Of a Patient With Ventricular Septal Defect and Eisenmenger Syndrome-R Sapra,T Ghose,D Sudan,B Singh,U Kaul,HS Wasir.
  18. Letters to the Editor.
  19. Calender and Conferences and Symposia.