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  1. Heparin:Limitation In Percutaneous Coronary Intervention - Estefania Oliveros,Ana I.Flores,Camilo Pena,Salomon Cohen,Sameer Mehta
  2. Is Routine Use Of Direct Thrombin inhibitors in PCI justified? - Aijaz H Mansoor,Upendra Koul
  3. Direct Thrombin inhibitors:Have They ReplacedGpIIb-IIIa inhibitors? - Nakul Sinha
  4. Direct Thrombin inhibitors. - Pushkraj S.Gadkari,B.Ramesh Babu
  5. Need For Direct Thrombin inhibitors:Pharmacokinetic and Adverse Effects. - Pankaj V.Jariwal,K.Sarat Chandra
  6. Bivalirudin:The Drug,Scientific Trails and The Clinical Application. - Sameer Mehta,Estefania Oliveros,Ana I.Flores, Camilo Pena,Manish Narang,Jayne Prats,Jonathan day,Nabila Yousef
  7. Chest Pain Pathways:Do They Make aDifference For Clinical,Quality & Financial Outcomes? - Helmut Giersiefen,Latt Mansor,Jayne Prats,Andreas Bremer
  8. The Value Preposition of Transradial Intervention in Current Practice. - ?Helmut Giersiefen,Latt Mansor,Jayne Prats,Andreas Bremer,Martial Hamon
  9. Global Experience With Bivalirudin. - Jonathan day,Jayne Prats,Yanshan Ma,Estefania Oliveros,Diederick Zwakenberg,Sameer Mehta
  10. Bivalirudin-Default Theraphy for STEMI Intervention. - Estefania Oliveros,Ana I.Flores,Salomon Cohen,Sameer Mehta,Camilo Pena,Nabila Youseff
  11. Direct Thrombin inhibitors in Acute ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction. - Sundeep Mishra,Vinay K.Bahl
  12. Improving Quality in STEMI-PCI beyond the Door-to-Ballon Time:Rationale for a Collaborative Model to Standardize Evidence-Based Practices in STEMI-PCI. - Orlando Rodriguez-Vila,Hector Martinez,Miguel A.Campos,Sameer Mehta