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  1. Hormone Replacement Therapy in ostmenopausal Women:Emerging Hope for Future- DS Gambhir, JK Gambhir.
  2. The Concept and Potentials of Cardiovacular Gene Therapy-VJ Dzau,HE von der leyen,R Morishita.
  3. Comparison of in-Hospital and Follow-up Results of Directional Aterectomy and Stenting for Ostial of the Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery.- DS Gambhir,R Sudha,Sandeep Singh,R Batra,V Trehan,R Arora
  4. Clinical Evaluation of New Balloon Mountable Coil Stent:in-Hospital and Follow-up Results-N Krishna reddy,P Raghava Raju,Sunil Kapoor,R Prasada Reddy,M Srinivas Rao,DN Kumar,BKS Sastry,SG Prasad,B Somaraju .
  5. Plasma Fibrinogen - An Independent Risk Factor for Ischaemic Heart Disease-Jacob Jose,Dhayakani Selvakumar,R selvakumar,AS Kanagasabathy, L Jeyaseelan.
  6. Hyperisulinemia in Non-Obese,Non-Diabetic Subjects With isolated Systolic Hypertension-A Misra,R Kathapalia,SB Lall,S Peshin.
  7. Evaluation of Cardiac Symptoms by Trans-Telephonic Electro-Cardiographic Monitoring(TTEM):Preliminary Experience.-HS Rissam,S Kishore,S Srivastava,ML Bhatia,N Trehan.
  8. L-Carnitine in CHilidren with Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy.-Shyam S Kothari,Mukti Sharma
  9. Aortic Dissections-A Pathologic Study Of 35 Auotpsied Cases-P vaideeswar,JR Deshpande,A Sivaraman.
  10. Effect Of Endothelial Cells on the Lympoproliferative Response in Takayasu's Arteritis-R Gulati,P Chopra,KK Talwar,R Kumar.
  11. Myocarditis SImulating Acute Myocardial Infarction in an Adoloscent Boy-AN Patnaik,P Rastoghi,DS gambhir,O Sai Sathish,R Arora.
  12. Mucormycosis of the Heart Presenting as Paraparesis-Padmanabhan Chandrasekhar,Sameer Raghavendra Rao,manjeri Lakshman Raman,peruvamba Raman,Vaidyanathan,Srinivasan Muralidharan
  13. Anamalous Origin of Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery from Pulmonary Artery in Addition to Anamalous Origin of Left Circumflex Coronary Artery from Right Aortic Sinus-A Case Report-Rajendra Kumar Premchand,Vasantha Kumar Allam,TNC Padmanabhan,Venkat Ratnam Mullapudi,S jaishankar.
  14. Anamalous Origin of Left Coronary Artery from Right Sinus Of Valsalva-GR Kane,RB Sethi,SR Shetty.
  15. Diagnosis of Proximal Interruption of Right Pulmonary Artery by Transosophagel Echocardiography-Joy M Thomas,Sriram Rajgopal,Susan George,KA Abraham
  16. Anterior Mitral Leaflet Aneurysm-A Case Report-M Jayaranganathan,nagaraj Desai.
  17. Antemortem Diagnosis Of Cardiac Tuberculoma-R Batra,V Trehan,R salwan,A Krishan,M Nigam,V Malhothra,UA Kaul,R Arora.
  18. Non-Surgicial Mitral Commissurotomy Using Metalic Commisurotome-R Arora,GS kalra,Sandeep Singh,Puneet Verma,O Sai Sathish,M Nigam,Alain Cribier.
  19. Is the Estimation of Mitral Valve Area a Sine Qua Non in the Echo-Doppler Evaluation of Mitral Stenosis?-George Thomas.
  20. Non-Coronary Cardiac Interventions:The Second Report of the Non-Coronary Cardiavc Intervention Registry of the Cardiological Society of India-VK Bhal,BS Raju,Manotosh Panja,Ramesh Arora,SS Ramesh,Satyavan Sharma .
  21. Coronary Artery Diseasein South Asians of the International Working Group,Anaheim,California-Enas A Enas,Salim Yusuf,satyavan Sharma.
  23. Calender and Conferences.