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  1. Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Antagonists\:An Attractive New Approach to Reperfusion in Acute Myocardial Inafarction- DS Gambhir.
  2. Role Of N ew risk Factors in Coronary Artery disease-Jawahar L Mehtha,Iris Orbach.
  3. Diet and Coronary Artery Disease-K M Krishnamoorthy
  4. Clustering of Impaired Glucose Tolerance,hyper-Insulin and Dyslipidemia in Young North Indian patients With Coronary Hear Disease:A Preliminary Case-Control Study-Anoop Mishra,R Bhasker Reddy,K Srinath Reddy,Alladi Mohan,Jasbir S Bajaj.
  5. Electrocardiographic Differentiation Beween Right Coronaryh and left Circumflex Coronary Arterial Occulsion in Isolated Ineferior Wall Myocardial Infarction-Anup Guptha,Yash Y Lokhandwala,Prafulla G Kerkar,Amit M Vora.
  6. Routine Screening for HIV and Hepatatis B in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterisation:The nneed To Make it Mandatory-O Sai Sathish,C Raghu,V Lakshmi,D sheshagiri rao .
  7. Transcathter Closure of Atrial Septal Defect Using Self-expandable Septal Occuluder-R arora,GS Kalra,Sandeep singh,Rajiv Passey,Sumeet Sinha,M Nigam .
  8. Control Of tachycardia and Hypertension Following Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery:efficacy and Haemodynamic of Esmolol-Deepak K Tempe,Poonam Mulchandini,Monica S Tandon,Navneet Mehtha,AS Tomar,Amit Benarjee,SK Khanna
  9. Crypopreservation of Cardiac Homografts-Susan Verghese,P Sudha,P Padmaja,T Mathew,P Prabhakar,Sarasa B Arumugum,KS Murthy,KM Cherian.
  10. Burr Entrapment Resulting in Perforation Of Right Coronary Artery:An Unreported Complication of Rotational Atherectomy-DS Gambhir R Arora,R Batra,Sandeep Singh,UA Kaul.
  11. Subclavin Steal Syndrome Associated With Critical Contralateral Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis:A Hitherto Unrepored Entity-Harinder Singh Bedi,A SUri,MS kalkat,BS Senger,A Arora,VP SHarma,V Mahajan.
  12. Multiple Paradoxical Emboli As Presenting Manifestation Of Disseminated Malignacy-Satyavan Sharma,Robin Pinto
  13. Balloon Mitral valvotomy Using Inoue Technique in nA patient of Isolated dextrocardia with Rheumatic mitral Stenosis-Puneet K verma,Harinder K balli,PV Suresh,Jagmohan S Varma
  14. Unclassified Sarcoma of the Left Ventricle: a case Report and review Of Literature-Alok Mathur,Mehar Chand sharma,Sanjeeva Rao,rajiv Narang,Balram Airan
  15. Pseudoscimitar Syndrome With Right pulmonary Venous drianage to Left Atrium -R Padmakumar,S Sivasankaran,JA Thakaran
  16. carvedilol-William H Frishman.
  17. Endothelium and Cardiovascular diseases:proceedings of the Seminar Held on 23 March 1999,Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala.
  18. Vascular Endothelium:Role in Health-K suresh.
  19. Endothelial Dysfunction-Relevance to Atheroscelerotic Vascular Complications-Tiny Nair.
  20. Synopses of Recent Trials IN-CHF,AVERT,PREVENT,ARTISTIC,ARREST.
  21. Letters to the Editor.
  22. Calender and Conferences and Symposia.