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May - June 1997 Edn.

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  1. Statins in coronary Artery Disease:Beyond Cholestrol Reduction-DS Gambhir,J Gambhir.
  2. Cardiac Arrhythmias in the Elderly-Chetan P shah,Ranjan K Thakur,John H kp,Baiyan Xie.
  3. Adensosine-induced Chest Pain:Is It Due to Myocardial ischaemia?clinical,Electrocardiographic,haemodynamic,and Metabolic Study-AB Mehta,HM Mardikar,NS Hiregudar,RB Sethi,DR Solanki,Rony mathew.
  4. Beneficial Effect of Ballon Mitral Valvotomy in Reducing Severity of Associated Tricuspid regurgitation-KA Sambasivam,jacob Jose,Sunil Chandy,george Joseph.
  5. Coexistence of Hypertension and Abnormal lipid Profile:A hospital-Based Retrospective Survey-SJ Joglekar,SL Warren,AT Prabhu,SS Kulkarni,AS Nanivadekar.
  6. Serial Echocardiography in Transplated Hear:An initial Report Of Five Cases-Anitha Saxena,KK talwar,S Sivastav,B Airan,D Thatai,P Chopra,P Venugopal.
  7. Complianece of Secondary Prophylaxis for Controlling Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease in a Rural Area of northern India -rajesh Kumar,JS Thakur,Arun Kumar Agarwal,NK Ganguly .
  8. Effects Of long term thyroid hormone Supressive treatment on the Cardiac functions-CM Khanna,YS dubey,R Shankar,G kaur.
  9. Aortoarteris Involving Supra-Aortic Trunks:A Profile Of six Cases-S Bhattachrya,G Senguptha,P Banerji,S roy,M Bhattachrya,S Mitra,M Panja,AK Kar,D Das.
  10. Effect of Cadmium and captopril on Seruim Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Activity in Rats-VN Puri.
  11. Video-Assised Thoracoscopic Surgery for Closure Of patent Ductus Arterious in children-MB Das,L Kapoor,A Moulick,S Mukhopadhyaya,R Harish,MD gan,MD Dixit,DP Shetty .
  12. Aortoaortic Bypass:indications,Techniques and results-Balram Airan,Ramji Mehrotra,KK Talwar,K taneja,P Venugopal.
  13. Single Coronary Artery with Atherosclerosis-KA Sambasivam,S Natarajan,S Muralidharan,PR Vidyanathan,Rajpal K Abichand.
  14. High speed rotablation to Treat Instent restenosis in Both Branches of a coronary Bifurcation Stenosis-DS Gambhir,Sandeep Singh,SC sinha,R Arora.
  15. Tubercular Sternal Osteomyelitis and Medisitntitis after Open Heart Surgery-Bhuvnesh Kumar Agarwal,S ganesh kamath,p Shathapathy.
  16. Stent Angioplasty for relief of chronic mesenteric Ischemia in takayasu Arteritis-Sanjay Tyagi,puneet k verma,Nirmal Kumar,Ramesh Arora.
  17. Right pulmonary Artery from Aorta with Origin Stenoisis:A treatable hemitruncus in a 12-Year child-Shyam S kothari,Mukthi Sharma.
  18. A Method For detecting peripheral Pulse-HS bedi,VK sharma,V Mahajan,S Arsiwala,S Ralhan.
  19. A Relook at the Reporting of coronary Angiograms in the Interventional era:A Perspective-Pravin K Goel.
  20. Critical Appraisal of the New Angiographic reporting System-DS gambhir,R Batra.
  21. Reuse Of disposables Meant for single Use In the cardiac catherisation Laboratory.
  22. synopses Of recent Trials-MUST,DIGAF,DICE,GRAMI,TRIM,AVID.
  23. Letters to the Editor.