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March - April 2000 Edn.

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  1. ACE Inhibitors in High Risk Cardiovascular Patients:A New Hope from the HOPE Study - DS Gambhir.
  2. Atrail Fibrilation:Epidemology,Mechanisms and Managment-Atul Bhatia,Jasbir Sra.
  3. Apolipoprotein(a) Polymorphism and its Association With Plasma lipoprotein(a) levels:A Norh Indian Study-S Vashisht,R Gulathi,LM Srivastava,R Narang,V Chopra,N Srivastava,DP Agarwal,SC Manchanda.
  4. Apolipoprotein(a) Polymorphism and Plasma lipoprotein(a) levels-JK Gambhir.
  5. A Study of Lipid Levels in Uncomplicated Hypertension-AK Thakur,V Achari.
  6. Saccular Coronary Aneurysms:Aniographic and Clinical Profile and Follow-up of 22 Cases-S Harikrishnan,KR Shyam Sundhar,JM Tharakan,T Titus,Anil Bhat,S Sivasankaran,Francis Bimal.
  7. Megadose Heparin and Streptokinase Produce Similar TIMI 3 Flow at Discharge in Patients Of Acute Myocardial Infraction Presenting Between 7-12 Hours-SK Dwivedi,K Pramod,R Guptha,RK Saran,VS Narain,VK Puri.
  8. Heart Rate Variabilty in Dilated Cardiomyopathy-PK Biswas,S Basu,KK Mitra,S Pal Choudary-BP Chaterjee,A Das Biswas,SS Chaterjee,AK Maity
  9. Surgical Considerations of Univentricular Hear With Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection-Ujjwal K Choudary,Balram Airan,rajesh sharma,Anil Bhan,Shyam S Kothari,Anita Saxena,R Juneja,Panagipalli Venugopal.
  10. Successfull Ablationof Idiopathic Right Ventricular Inflow Tachycardia-Anup Gupta,Amit Vora,Yash Lokhandwala.
  11. Coronary Arterial Fistula from Both he Coronaries to Pulmonaryu Aortic Stenosis-Abraham Ooman,Roberto Mao.
  12. Bacterial Endocarditis Caused by Brucella Melitensis Biotypa I-Susan verghese,P Padmaja,SJ ELizibeth,A Anitha,GM Palani,T Mathew,BV Manjunath,KM Cherian
  13. Renal Artery In-Stent Restenosis:Treatment Wih High Speed Rotational Atherectomy-B Hygriv rao,K Sarat Chandra.
  14. Primary Chylopericardium - A Case Report-VA Krishnan,E Krishnan,S Muralidharan.
  15. Haemopericardium With Cardiac Tamponade and Pleutral Effusion in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia-MK Mohapathra,SP das,NC Mohanty,PC Dash,BK Batista
  16. Retained Intracardiac Foreign Body Following Attempted Percutaneous Translumial Mitral Commissrotomy-Ajay saraswat,Amit Banerjee,Vijay Trehan,deepak K Temple,Akilesh S Tomar .
  17. Myoctic Aneurysm of the Left Pulmonary Artery in Tetralogy of Fallot:Single-Stage Surgicial Correction-Anil Agarwal,AK Srivastava,Aditya kapoor,Prabhat Tiwari.
  18. Successfull Treatement of Type I and Type III Primary Endoleaks and a Femoral Pseudoaneurysm Using Passager Stent Grafts Following Endoluminal repair of an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm-George Joseph,G Rajendrian,Sunil Agarwal,Nandini Korula.
  19. Risk factors For Coronary Artery Disease in Indians:Emerging Trends-L Rajamohan,R Deepa,V Mohan.
  20. Signal Transduction During Cardiac Hypertrophy:New Insights-M Balasubramanyam,V Mohan.
  22. Standards and Concepts in Valve Surgery:Repor of the Task force of the European Heart INstitute(EHI) of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and the International Society of Cardiothoriac Surgeons(ISCTS)-F Unger,WG Rainer,D Horstokottee,P Gosh,W Rutihauser,E Braunwahld,C Duran,C Olin,DA Cooley,E Bodor,B Reichat,R Schistek,UV Oppell,W Ade,J Wada.