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July - August 1996 Edn.

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  1. Amiodarone In HIgh-Risk Post-Infarction Patients:Lessons From EMIAT and CAMIAT. - D.S.Gambhir.
  2. Coronary heart Disease and its Risk Factors in First-Genearation Immigrant Asian Indians to the united States of America.-Enas A Enas,Abhimanyu Garg,Michael A Davidson,Vinod M Nair,Beverley A Huet,Salim Yusuf
  3. Insulin Resistance Syndrome:A Marker for Increased Risks of coronary Heart Disease In Asian Indians.-Jatinder Dhawan.
  4. Exercise Capacity in Untrained Normal Aduls:A Nomogram for Indians.-Shanker Krishnaswami,Sunil Thomas Chandy,Paul George.
  5. Low-Dose Amiodarone in Severe Chronic heart Failure - A Biswas,SK Dey,AK Banerjee,S Roy,PK Biswas,GK Roy Chowdary,AK Khan,KK Mithra,SS Chaterjee,AK Maity.
  6. Low-Dose Intrvenous Diltiazem-Eficacy and Safety in Supraventricular Tachyarrhythmias-Sandeep Seth,Ajay Mittal,Puneet Goel,Harbans S Wasir.
  7. Cardiac Malignant lymphoma in Severe Combine Immunodeficient mice-mohammad Aftabuddin,Nadira Islam,Mohammad Alimuzzaman,Tirtho Raj Koiralla,yasu Hori.
  8. Prevalence of Lipid and Glycaemic Abnormalities in Hypertensive Patients:A Retrospective Survey-SJ Joglekar,As Nanivadekar.
  9. Bidrectional Glenn Shunt:A Step in the Right Direction-Ravi Narayan,KG Balakrishnan,V Ramakrishna pillai,JA Tharakan,T Titus,R Sankar Kumar.
  10. Transmyocardial laser Revascularisation as an Adjunct to CABG-N Trehan,M Mishra,VM Kohli,A mishra,DR Jangid,R Bapna.
  11. Procedural Outcome and Follow-Up Results of Ballon Angioplasty Verus New Device Interventions for Treatment True bifurcation Stenoses-DS Gambhir,R Sudha,Vijay Trehan,Sandeep Singh,R Arora,SK Khanna.
  12. Familial jaccoud's Arthropathy-M Panja,CN Sarkar,S Kumar.
  13. Aortic Arch Interuption in Association With Ebstein's Anomally of Tricuspid Valve and Rheumatic Mitral Stenosis-Prasad Shah,Amit Vora,Bharat Dalvi.
  14. Transvenous Right Ventricular Pacing Through Coronary Sinus in the Absense of Right Superiore Vena Cava- DS Gambhir,Puneet K Verma,rajeev Agarwala,UA Kaul,R Arora.
  15. Myoctic Pulomonary Artery Aneurysm Complicating Bacterial Endocarditis-malika Javid,S Ram Kumar, M Vijay Kumar,KP Misra.
  16. Primary Benign Haemangioma of the Right Venricle-B Airan,GH Prashant,K taneja
  17. Percentsneous Ballon Occulsion of Post-infarction Ventricular Septal Defect-Bhavesh Vajifdar,Amit Vora,Dhirai Narula,Hema Kulkarni.
  18. Self-Expanding Wallstent Deployment in an adult With Coarctation of the Aorta-DS Gambhir,Vijay Trehan,P Rastogi,R Batra,R Arora.
  19. Treatment of Ulserated AAtherosclerotic Cartoid Artery Bifurcation Stnosis Using Self-Expanding mesh Stent-george Joseph,S Krishnaswami,SK Trivedi.
  20. Silent Ischaemia:To Treat ot Not to Treat?-Prakash C Deedwania.
  21. Synopsis Of Recent Trials-NRMI-2,PAMI-1,PRAISE,MIST,IMPACT-II.
  22. cooking Oils,Cholestrol and CAD:Facts and Myths-Enas A Enas.