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Indian Heart Journal (IHJ) is the official open access journal of Cardiological Society of India and accepts articles for publication from across the globe.

The journal aims to promote high quality research and serve as a platform for dissemination of scientific information in cardiology with particular focus on South Asia. The journal aims to publish cutting edge research in the field of clinical as well as non-clinical cardiology - including cardiovascular medicine and surgery.

The Indian Heart Journal is the most widely read cardiology journal in the India reaching more than 27,000 hospital specialists and primary care physicians every two months.

The only bi-monthly journal which provides primary and secondary care with original research, clinical reviews, commentaries and news across a broad range of cardiovascular topics.

Exclusive original coverage of the fast developing field of cardiology written from the Indian viewpoint.

Extensive opportunities for special projects including supplements, symposia reports and practical guidelines.

The Indian Heart Journal provides reviews and discussions of current developments in cardiology and other relevant specialties to cardiologists and general practitioners with an interest in this field.

Indian Heart Journal Core Values

Professionalism: The interests of patients are primary.

Knowledge: The journal must promote growth, dissemination and application of knowledge about cardiovascular medicine.

Integrity: Honesty, compliance with legal requirements, and ethical behavior are essential in all activities.

Member driven: The journal and its major activities must be led by active members and must promote volunteerism.

Inclusiveness: The journal involves a broad range of volunteers that reflects the composition of its membership.

Articles In This Issue

  1. Do medical conferences have a role to play? Sharpen the saw
  2. A data driven approach for optimizing cardiac care: Acute coronary syndromes and beyond
  3. Multicenter HP ACS Registry
  4. Spectrum of acute coronary syndrome in North Eastern India – A study from a major center
  5. Leptin as an important link between obesity and cardiovascular risk factors in men with acute myocardial infarction
  6. Does the preoperative mild renal dysfunction effect mortality and morbidity following valve cardiac surgery?
  7. Correlation of pulmonary capillary wedge pressure with left atrial pressure in patients with mitral stenosis undergoing balloon valvotomy
  8. Morphological study of fossa ovalis and its clinical relevance
  9. Reduced parasympathetic tone in newly diagnosed essential hypertension
  10. Severity of coronary artery disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus: Does the timing matter?
  11. Clinical profile and 30-day outcome of women with acute coronary syndrome as a first manifestation of ischemic heart disease: A single-center observational study
  12. Two-year follow-up data from the STEPP-AMI study: A prospective, observational, multicenter study comparing tenecteplase-facilitated PCI versus primary PCI in Indian patients with STEMI
  13. Inadequacy of fluoroscopy and electrocardiogram in predicting septal position in RVOT pacing – Validation with cardiac computed tomography
  14. Unsuitability of the radial artery as a bypass conduit after trans radial coronary angiogram
  15. In vivo delamination of coronary guidewire polytetrafluoroethylene layer – A dreaded complication
  16. Spontaneous left main coronary artery dissection
  17. Is delayed presentation in acute myocardial infarction common even in 2014?
  18. Remarkable regression of coronary atherosclerosis: An interplay of pharmacotherapeutic and lifestyle factors
  19. An unusual etiological agent of implantable cardioverter device endocarditis: Corynebacterium mucifaciens
  20. A case of coronary microfistula: A newborn microfistula
  21. Oxidative stress is associated with not only coronary artery disease on statin therapy but also diabetes mellitus and hypertension
  22. Cardiac manifestations in mucopolysaccharoidosis
  23. Fragmented QRS is associated with ventricular tachycardia in patients with apical aneurysm with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  24. Late embolization of the atrial septal occluder device into the abdominal aorta
  25. Modified revisiting of old balloon inflation technique during PCI for dealing with thrombus laden lesion in non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
  26. The leading role of thrombolysis in the management of prosthetic valve thrombosis
  27. The anchored heart appearance
  28. Anomalous origin of RCA from left coronary sinus presenting as PSVT and recurrent acute coronary syndromes
  29. The three-dimensional fossa ovalis
  30. Administration of low molecular weight and unfractionated heparin during percutaneous coronary intervention
  31. Evidence for existence of thyroid hormone inducible semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase (SSAO) in rat heart cytosol
  32. Is changing curriculum sufficient to curb violence against doctors?
  33. My Journey in Cardiology – So far
  34. Down the memory lane – The Cardiological Society of India
  35. How to use an AED to help save a life