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Indian Heart Journal (IHJ) is the official open access journal of Cardiological Society of India and accepts articles for publication from across the globe.

The journal aims to promote high quality research and serve as a platform for dissemination of scientific information in cardiology with particular focus on South Asia. The journal aims to publish cutting edge research in the field of clinical as well as non-clinical cardiology - including cardiovascular medicine and surgery.

The Indian Heart Journal is the most widely read cardiology journal in the India reaching more than 27,000 hospital specialists and primary care physicians every two months.

The only bi-monthly journal which provides primary and secondary care with original research, clinical reviews, commentaries and news across a broad range of cardiovascular topics.

Exclusive original coverage of the fast developing field of cardiology written from the Indian viewpoint.

Extensive opportunities for special projects including supplements, symposia reports and practical guidelines.

The Indian Heart Journal provides reviews and discussions of current developments in cardiology and other relevant specialties to cardiologists and general practitioners with an interest in this field.

Indian Heart Journal Core Values

Professionalism: The interests of patients are primary.

Knowledge: The journal must promote growth, dissemination and application of knowledge about cardiovascular medicine.

Integrity: Honesty, compliance with legal requirements, and ethical behavior are essential in all activities.

Member driven: The journal and its major activities must be led by active members and must promote volunteerism.

Inclusiveness: The journal involves a broad range of volunteers that reflects the composition of its membership.

Current Issue (Sept –Oct 2018)


  1. Imaging atherosclerosis for cardiovascular risk prediction- in search of the holy grail!

Original Articles

Clinical and Preventive Cardiology

  1. Quercetin reduces the transcriptional activity of NF-kB in stable coronary artery disease
  2. Prevalence of noncommunicable disease risk factors among the Kani tribe in Thiruvananthapuram district. Kerala
  3. Association of preexisting hypertension with the morality in patients with systolic heart failure in Taiwan: The TSOC-HFrEF registry
  4. The role of polysaccharide peptide of Ganoderma lucidum as a potent antioxidant against atherosclerosis in high risk and stable angina patients
  5. Impact of coronary artery disease on augmentation index as measured by estimated central blood pressure: A case control study in Asian Indians
  6. Correlation of endothelial dysfunction measured by flow-mediated vasodilatation to severity of coronary artery disease
  7. The association between increased carotid intima-media thickness and SYNTAX Score in coronary artery disease: A single center study
  8. HIV related stigma, perceived social support and risk of premature atherosclerosis in South Asians
  9. Cardiac Imaging

  10. Global longitudinal strain. ejection fraction. effort tolerance and normal echocardiography measurements in healthy Indians
  11. Real-time three-dimensional echocardiographic left heart parameters in healthy indian adults
  12. Intra- and inter-operator reproducibility of automated cloud-based carotid lumen diameter ultrasound measurement
  13. Detection of occult right ventricular dysfunction in young Egyptians with type I diabetes mellitus by two-dimensional speckle
  14. lnterventional Cardiology

  15. Immediate impact of successful percutaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty on right and left ventricular functions: An echocardiographic study using load independent tissue velocity imaging indices
  16. Clinical and angiographic profiles and six months outcomes of smokers with acute ST segment elevation myocardial infarction undergoing primary percutaneous coronary angioplasty
  17. Comparative study on maternal and fetal outcome in pregnant women with rheumatic heart disease and severe mitral stenosis undergoing percutaneous balloon mitral valvotomy before or during pregnancy
  18. Percutaneous intervention for symptomatic central vein stenosis in patients with upper limb arteriovenous dialysis access
  19. Cardiac Electrophysiology

  20. Profile of patients presenting with sustained ventricular tachycardia in a tertiary care center
  21. A pilot study comparing two sites for incision during pacemaker implantation and their influence on the scar
  22. Congenital Heart Disease

  23. Stenting of patent ductus arteriosus in low birth weight newborns less than 2 kg- procedural safety. feasibility and results in a retrospective study

Review Article

  1. Ventricular septal pacing: Optimum method to position the lead
  2. Epidemiologic studies targeting primary cardiovascular disease prevention in South Asia
  3. Cardiac arrest due to pulmonary embolism
  4. Adaptation of 2016 European Society of Cardiology/European Atherosclerosis Society guideline for lipid management to Indian patients - A consensus document

Short communication

  1. Ostial left main coronary artery chronic total occlusion presenting as chronic stable angina
  2. Electronic health records and outpatient cardiovascular disease care delivery: Insights from the American College of Cardiology's PINNACLE India Quality Improvement Program (PIQIP)
  3. Cardiac rehabilitation knowledge. awareness. and practice among cardiologists in India


  1. Physician heal thyself

Letter to Editor

  1. Double kissing crush in left main coronary bifurcation lesions: A crushing blow to the rival Stenting techniques!
  2. Three-dimensional echocardiographic systolic dyssynchrony index-what is the correct cut-off?